Guru Shreenivas


Hi! I am Guru and welcome to my gallery!

Photography has always been a passion since the very beginning. I truly believe that capturing images of your surroundings is the best way to appreaciate them. Thus, most of my work would be casual and of people, events, nature, landscapes, objects, etc. of whom/which I live with :) Have fun exploring my gallery and do leave a comment or two. Your comment's will help me in producing better photographs.

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Thank you for stopping by and Hope you enjoyed your journey thru my gallery!

"I respect everything in change and the solomn beauty of life and death. I believe man will obtain freedom of spirit of society, and therefore while man amidst the emence beauty of objective bodies, he must possess the capacity of self perfection and must observe and represent his world with full confidence. I believe photography is a tool to express our positive assessment of the world. A tool to acquire ultimate happiness and belief." -Ansel Adams

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